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Vanderwees, Alice

Alice Vanderwees - Good Citizen Award 2013In 1987, Alice Vanderwees’ sister gathered friends and family together to form the original Christian Reformed Church volunteer group for the Dew Drop Inn Soup Kitchen. The group was made up of members of the three local Christian Reformed Churches. It was not too many years after that Alice also joined the group. Alice took the initiative and encouraged the Vanderwees company to donate eggs on a regular basis for use at the Dew Drop Inn. This has turned into a tradition for the Christian Reformed Volunteer Group as well as for the men and women who frequent the Dew Drop Inn. Christian Reformed Church ‘Volunteer Day’ at the Dew Drop Inn means ‘fried egg bunwiches’ to go along with the rest of their meal…something that the over 200 daily clients really look forward to. It is thanks to Alice Vanderwees that this is possible.  From her first day as a volunteer over 13 years ago at the Dew Drop Inn, Alice has been a blessing to the men and women who eat there, to the other volunteers and to the Director and Board. She accepts people as they are…without judgment. She has a gentle and accepting spirit that touches all who come into contact with her. Alice’s kind demeanor is a reminder that at the Dew Drop Inn people are not marginalized… they are simply neighbours… sharing with neighbours.