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Betty-Ann Luoto

Betty-Ann Luoto - Good Citizen Award 2015Betty-Ann Luoto joined the Thunder Bay Society of Ballet and Dance in 2002. Through the years she has volunteered by working fundraisers, attending meetings and spending countless hours at the local dance festival. The society raises money to enhance the dance community and dancers. It also provides over $7000 in scholarships to deserving students. Betty-Ann plays a big role in the fund raising efforts. She joined the Festival of Music and the Arts board of directors and is its dance liaison. Often unnoticed, Betty-Ann is that person back stage who cheers every dancer on, giving pep talks or doling out hugs. Every dancer knows to go to Betty-Ann when they need help. She is also well respected by parents and studio owners. Betty-Ann continues to give many hours of her time so the Thunder Bay dance community can continue to grow. The children love her and that is her biggest reward.