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Denise Wallace

Denise Wallace is the Vice President and Search Manager Trainer for the Lakehead Search and Rescue Unit (LSRU).  As such, she manages searches for lost people within the city and region.  She also manages child find services for the Teddy Bear Picnic at Vickers Park, and for the Canada Day Celebration at Prince Arthur’s Landing.  Denise is the coordinator/trainer for Project Life Saver locally and in Winnipeg.  She also gives survival and search technique training to LSRU members, the general public and corporations.  Denise has many achievements related to search and rescue.  From the Ontario Search and Rescue Volunteer Association she has received the Volunteer of the Year Award.  She earned Train the Trainer certification for Ground SAR (search and rescue).  Denise has promoted Project Life Saver which assists people who wander with dementia or other conditions.  On behalf of LSRU, she has coordinated the outdoor survival course for aviation students at Confederation College. Denise has co-authored a search techniques manual and participated on medal-winning SARScene competitive teams.  Denise Wallace has worked tirelessly for education and training related to search and rescue – making our area a safer place to enjoy.