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Dr. Bob Chaudhuri

Dr. Bob Chaudhuri - Good Citizen Award 2015Dr. Bob Chaudhuri joined the board of directors of the Brain Injury Association of Thunder Bay (BIATBA) in January of 2015 as a person living with the effects of an acquired brain injury. Following his injury, he completed his specialty in psychiatry and two post-doctoral fellowships. Dr. Bob is an inspiration to the people he works with at BIATBA. He continues to volunteer his time in research and helping people to learn from his perspective and dedicates his time to supporting individuals who are living with brain injuries. Dr. Bob is always willing to promote medical education through his research which he does as a volunteer. He is a member of numerous associations including the Handicapped Action Group Inc. (HAGI - board of directors), Patients Advocating Change and Empowerment (PACE), and Foster Kids Memberships.  He has been an invited lecturer at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and an invited speaker to the Society for Studies of Psychiatry and Culture in St. Paul, Minnesota as well as numerous other groups.  Dr. Chaudhuri has made a significant contribution to people dealing with acquired brain injury in Thunder Bay.