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Pioneer Ridge-Roman Catholic Mass Volunteer Group

Pioneer Ridge – Roman Catholic Mass Volunteer Group GCA 2015Upon moving into a long-term care setting such as Pioneer Ridge, individuals are confronted with several losses which include their homes, their possessions, and most times, their ability to attend their regular church services with their church community.  Long-term-care residents have to conquer the feeling of loneliness, loss and boredom on a daily basis.  Participating in a religious service can be a tremendous comfort.  At Pioneer Ridge, the Roman Catholic Mass volunteers provide this comfort to the residents by listening in and joining in on remembered songs and prayers.  The volunteers help the residents experience the spiritual uplifting that they enjoyed before admission to the Home.  The Roman Catholic volunteers’ commitment to ensure that residents can attend Mass every second Wednesday morning has been a great asset to the Home for 17 years.  They are a kind and compassionate group of individuals who also share their talents.  They sing in the choir and play instruments to ensure that the Mass is enjoyed by all.  Their hard work and dedication are great assets to Pioneer Ridge residents.