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Valerie Patton

Valerie Patton - Good Citizen Award 2015Valerie Patton has been involved with various aspects of music within the city of Thunder Bay for several decades.  Her selflessness and hard work have truly made a difference to the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra and by extension, the community of Thunder Bay.  Valerie is probably best known for her lovely soprano voice but as well as singing, she also generously helps the symphony in many other ways.  For the past seven years, Valerie has folded and stapled about 1,500 “Curtain Call” programmes before each concert.  She volunteers for days at a time to do the large-scale mail-outs to members of the community for fundraising and subscription campaigns.  At concerts, Val sells tickets and works at the merchandise tables.  Her humming presence brightens up the office, as she always has a smile and a kind word to spare for everyone.  The TBSO greatly appreciates the time, efforts and talents of Valerie Patton.