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Hayla Huk

Hayla Huk - Spirit of Thunder Bay Award 2015It is through Hayla Huk’s dedication and inspiration as Administrator for the Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group that Chaban has achieved its growth and cultural attributes through the years, enabling Chaban to showcase entertainment for the community in multiple venues each year.  As stage manager for many years, she ensured that every year’s culminating performance ran smoothly for the Thunder Bay audience’s enjoyment.  Nearly all Chaban shows at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium had Hayla on the headset calling cues to the technical team and stage crew; her contributions were always behind the scene, but evident in every show.  Hayla has held many vital positions within the Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group for over 30 years.  Most noteworthy are her years as executive administrator and co-administrator, and as Chaban’s longest run stage manager.  In her leadership role as administrator, Hayla guided the group to improve promotions, locally and nationally, enhancing Chaban’s cultural integrity, in supporting traditional learning and its incorporation into dances and onto the stage.  She enabled dancers to embrace their love of Ukrainian dance and culture.  As stage manager, she stays amazingly calm with the most demanding of shows, changing cues for lights, music, props, flies, curtains, dancers and sets.  She magically works through calls with the technical crew and performers; always calmly and respectfully.  If you attend a Chaban performance, she’ll be just behind the left curtain with her headset on.