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Cultural Mapping

"Mapping our cultures in all their depth, keeping our diverse stories and multiple histories interrogating and renewing each other, is a key cultural function of our time." - Greg Young, Cultural Mapping in the Global World.

Terra Firma - photo by John OngaroFrom our long-standing museums and galleries, professional theatre company, and internationally renowned symphony orchestra, to our skilled local musicians, individual artists and grassroots cultural groups, the City of Thunder Bay has a rich culture and heritage.  



Cultural Mapping

Culture plays an important role in defining and enhancing our quality of life.  The City of Thunder Bay is developing an inventory of all of the cultural assets in Thunder Bay, including: Magnus Theatre

  • cultural facilities
  • public art
  • individual artists and cultural professionals
  • cultural businesses
  • cultural organizations
  • heritage buildings and sites and more

These assets are vital in fostering civic pride and need to be celebrated, preserved, and developed.