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Heritage Advisory Committee

Heritage Advisory Committee Pull Up

This Committee was originally established in 1977 as LACAC – The Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee – to provide City Council with recommendations regarding the designating of heritage buildings and areas. The new name Heritage Advisory Committee and slogan "Protecting and Promoting Our Past" were officially adopted by City Council in March 2004.

The Committee adopted a new strategic plan in 2003 to reflect changes in the Ontario Heritage Act that broadened the committee's heritage resources protection and promotion role. According to its mandate and Strategic Plan, the Heritage Advisory Committee specifically:

  • Identifies heritage resources and evaluates their condition and community value (see: Heritage inventory, pro-forma, evaluations and Heritage Resources Master Plan).
  • Recommends By-laws to designate heritage properties and By-laws to establish policies, processes and programs for the conservation of heritage resources (see: Official Plan Policies, archaeological protection, designation under Parts 4 and 5, Tax relief, heritage easements and other agreements).

Reviews, monitors and takes protective actions on a property-by-property or area-wide basis (see: Permit Review and public involvement).

Promotes heritage and programs to advise City Council and the public of the value of heritage resources, to encourage awareness, appreciation, volunteer involvement and participation in heritage conservation activities (see: Designation events, Public education, relations and participation).


Heritage Advisory Committee Strategic Plan   Adobe PDF, 6 pages, 37 KB
Official Plan Policies  Adobe PDF, 5 pages, 22 KB


The Heritage Advisory Committee welcomes anyone interested in our beautiful old buildings and our city's built heritage, including heritage landscapes, to attend our meetings. The Committee meets monthly. You can contact a Committee member to learn more about what you can do to help ensure that our unique and irreplaceable past is a vital part of our future. Additional questions regarding meetings should be directed to The Office of the City Clerk at 625-2897.

The next regular Committee meeting will be on Thursday, June 28, 2018, 5 pm, McNaughton Room, 3rd Floor, City Hall, 500 Donald St. E.

Past Meeting Minutes are available online.

Heritage Advisory Committee Contacts

Name Position Contact Information

Andrew Cotter (Chair)

Citizen Appointee

Phone:  473-3063

Councillor Larry Hebert

Council Appointee
City of Thunder Bay

Phone:  624-1482

Gloria Cyr Citizen Appointee

Phone:  626-1756

Jennifer Bonazzo

Citizen Appointee              

Douglas Yahn   (Vice Chair) 

Citizen Appointee            

Kim Costa            

Thunder Bay Law Association Appointee

Phone: 346-1320                                

Anthony Yozipovic 

Appointee from the architectural or engineering community

Diana Pallen Thunder Bay Historical Museum Appointee

Phone: 344-2859                      

Heidi Strobl

Appointee from the business community
Sarah Walker Young Professional/ Post-Secondary Student

Justine Waite Appointee from the Aboriginal community
Ashley Young Events Supervisor - Recreation & Culture
City of Thunder Bay

Phone:  625-2487

Pam Caland

Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport

Phone: 475-1676

                               Grant Mason 

Planner II
City of Thunder Bay

Phone:  625-2543             

Matt Szybalski Corporate Records Manager - Archivist
City of Thunder Bay

Phone:  625-3390

Leanne Lavoie Committee Coordinator - Office of the City Clerk

Phone:  625-2962                           

Laurie Abthorpe

Heritage Researcher
Thunder Bay Archives

Phone:  625-3197

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