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McVicar Creek - Harrington Court

Due to the size of this document, it has been broken up into more manageable sizes.  Please select the link to the portion of the document you wish to view.

Introduction  Adobe PDF, pages, 8.65 MB

Area History  Adobe PDF, pages, 4.56 MB

Area Architecture  Adobe PDF, pages, 13 MB

Section 4 - Review of 20 Area Buildings - To view a pdf document (file sizes between 5mb and 10mb) containing a picture and a description of the building, please click on one of the house squares on the following map:

Map - McVicar Heritage District 170 Algoma St. N.294 Harrington Ave.32 Emmerson Ave.30 Emmerson Ave.288 Harrington Ave.18 Emmerson Ave.29 Emmerson Ave.23 Emmerson Ave.184 Court St. N.270 Harrington Ave.260 Aarrington Ave.10 Emmerson Ave.6 Emmerson Ave.281 Ray Ct.275 Ray Ct.269 Ray Ct.146 Court St. N.151 Court St. N.131 Court St. N.26 Nugent St.

Appendices  Adobe PDF, pages, 1.66 MB