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Heritage Registry

Each municipality across Ontario is required by Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act to keep a publicly accessible registry of both the City's formally designated Heritage Properties and properties deemed culturally, historically, or architecturally interesting relative to heritage and deemed so, by the community's Heritage Advisory Committee. There are currrently twenty-five (25) formally designated municipal Heritage Properties in Thunder Bay and one (1) Heritage Conservation District. Formal designation by City By-law provides the property with protection against demolition or alteration.

Properties that appear on the Heritage Registry which have not undergone formal designation are provided with interim protection. The Heritage Advisory Committee and City Council have recognized these sites to be of historical interest. Owners of these properties are required to give City Council sixty (60) days notice of their intention to demolish. This allows time for Council to decide whether to begin the designation process, which provides properties with permanent protection. 

Also available is a listing of some of Thunder Bay's interesting sites and properties. While these properties are not protected against demolition or alteration, they have been informally recognized as being historically valuable. For those interested, a list of all provincially or federally designated sites in Thunder Bay this is available on the Ontario Heritage Properties Database.

Ontario Heritage Properties Database  Adobe PDF, 4 pages, 83 KB