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McKibbin House

131 Court Street North
Constructed: 1910
Architect: Haliburton Barbara King McKibbin

This piece of land was originally owned by Robert McVicar and later by Joseph King. King left the property to his daughter, Haliburton (Hattie) Barbara King who was married to Herbert Albert McKibbin. Hattie designed the house while Herbert helped to build it. The home is a two-and-a-half-storey structure with Simpson Island sandstone foundation walls. The porch has a sandstone base and six turned columns gracing the entrance. In 1992, the house came into the possession of the firm of Walter Kuch and John Stephenson Architects, who continue to use the building as the site for their architectural business. Many renovations were done at that time including re-shingling the roof with cedar shingles and restoring the original south-facing bay windows. The restorers were also able to preserve many of the defining architectural features including the stained glass windows, oak staircase and the corner fireplace which has terra cotta tiles attached to the mantle in classical ornamentation.

McKibbon House


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