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Architectural Walking Tour of Thunder Bay South

The architectural walking tour of Thunder Bay South explores the buildings near and including the newly renovated City Hall, in the area that was formerly downtown Fort William. The following are the 22 stops you will visit on your tour of Thunder Bay South.

  1. Brodie Street Public Library
  2. Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church
  3. Federal Office Building
  4. Saint Patrick's Cathedral
  5. Dr. Dewar's Restaurant
  6. The Chapple Building
  7. The Coo House
  8. Arlington Apartments
  9. Federal Revenue Building
  10. Wesley United Church
  11. Rutledge-Evans Block
  12. Saint Stanislaus Scool
  13. Times-Journal Building
  14. Cuthbertson Block
  15. Bank of Commerce Facade
  16. The Roy Block
  17. Royal Edward Arms
  18. Dyke Block
  19. Thunder Bay Museum
  20. Blake Funeral Chapel
  21. City Hall
  22. Sports Hall of Fame