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Algoma Street Sculpture Community Comments

Public Art Competition Finalists

The City of Thunder Bay is looking for your feedback to assist the Jury, led by the City of Thunder Bay’s Public Art Committee, in selecting the site specific sculptural artwork that will be located on one or more ‘bumpouts’ along Algoma Street.

The selected sculpture(s) should complement and enhance the look and feel of the Bay-Algoma streetscape, business area and neighbourhood.

Please share your thoughts about the following 3 proposals:

Proposal A - 4 words + 4 worlds by Louise Phende

4 words 4 worlds Public Art

Materials: Welded Steel finished in automotive paint.

Size: 4 sculptures approximately 60 cm W x 220 cm H x 60 cm D

Location: 4 bumpouts on Algoma near Cornwall and Bay

Concept: 4 words + 4 worlds selects four words from four distinct languages linked to four cultures that have largely created the cultural fabric of the Bay and Algoma district. The four words currently selected for this project, akawé, sisu, पाण (prana) and forte, originate from the First Nations, Finland, India/Southeast Asia and Italy. They represent the original people of the land, as well as the historic waves of immigration that have followed; from the Finns and Italians, who arrived in the early and mid-20th century, to the more recent influx of new Canadians from various countries in Southeast Asia. Not easily translatable into English, the words symbolically represent the unique viewpoints and understandings that each culture brings to our city. The colours selected are also symbolic, each representing the unique world views and teachings that these ethnicities contribute to our community landscape.

Proposal B - Ilma, Vesi, Maa, Tuli by Carol Kajorinne 

Air, Water, Earth, Fire public art

Materials: Rusted steel, forged steel, copper, brass, cedar benches, tall grasses and concrete. Size: 160cm in diameter, steel panels stand 180cm tall and the weather vane will be 366cm tall. Location: The bumpout on the Corner of Cornwall St and Algoma in front of the Roots to Harvest Garden

Concept: Ilma, Vesi, Maa, Tuli (Air, Water, Earth, Fire) celebrates our interconnected relationship with four elements; Air, Water, Earth, Fire.  Various material including metal, wood and plants will be used upon their innate value, beauty and strength.  Ilma, Vesi, Maa, Tuli speaks to these winds and currents of change upon us and the thriving innovative generations to come.

Proposal C - Wild Life by Brandon Vickerd

wild life public art

Materials: Silica Bronze Size: 160cm Tall, 40cm wide and 50cm in length

Location: The bumpout on the corner of Bay St and Algoma St in front of Kula Yogo Studio

Concept: Wild Life challenges viewers’ perceptions by making a seemingly mundane scene extraordinary: your average loiterer in jeans and an overcoat morphing into a conglomeration of animals that is both shocking and intriguing.  Wild Life contrasts the reality of wild animals with the popular culture representations of wildlife that imbues them with human traits.  Fairytales dating back generations, Disney films and Looney Tune cartoons have anthropomorphized animals, projecting a human like consciousness on to wild creatures.  The animals comprising the figure in Wild Life will be native to the Thunder Bay area.

Please share your thoughts about the following 3 proposals:

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Thank you for your comments.

It is the policy of The Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay to value Public Art as a vital component of culture that visually articulates and celebrates our area's heritage, evolving community identity, and hopes for the future and beautifies the City.