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Outdoor Installations

The calibre and variety of public artwork in Thunder Bay is a source of pride for the City. This page provides an overview of existing and upcoming works of art in order of installation date, with the most recent at the top.


growth more

boy Roland
Awards for Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards

 SnowDay 2017


Brett Nicol, Miles Rowland, Vic Germaniuk, Michael O'Connor, Shayne Ehman, Zoe Gordon, Axel Ehman, Anthony Epp, Matt Dirks, James W. Cook, Komi Seshie, Chad Kirvan, Jimmy Breslin, Craig Smyth, Stephanie Adams, Travis Williams, Juanita Adams, Chad Wabonge, Michel Chouinard, Lily Chouinard, Celine Laubier, Eugene LeFrancois, Darren Foulds, The Forest School.

Prince Arthur's Landing

 Wild Life Close up


Brandon Vickerd
Curb extensions on Algoma Street South

 Die Active/Neechee Studio Painting


A collaboration between Die Active Art Collective and Neechee Studio: Sarah Mason, Lora Northway, Jean Marshall, boyRoland, Lucille Atlookan, Matilda Suganaqueb, Cynthia Edwards, Eli Castellan, Julia Di Paolo, Rill Rill
Spray paint on plastic
Algoma Street South - Flower planters and bollards on curb extensions

 Community Playboxes

healthy kids community playboxes more 

Community Arts & Heritage Education Project, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Judy Mayor, Zoe Gordon, Shayne Ehman, Elliot Doxtater-Wynn, John Mackett, and Blake Evans with community children and youth.
Paint on metal
Community Play Boxes throughout Thunder Bay

 SnowDay 2016 Cover


Brett Nicol, Kate Nicol, Stephanie Adams, Michael Dorval, Lila Cano, Hanna Dorval, Sasha Dorval, Chris Rantala, Becky Davis, Judi Vinni, Robin Noland, Eric Wainio, Isaac Lysmo, Chad Kirvan, Jimmy Breslin, Mary Jane McDonald, Matt Dirks, Anthony Epp, Shayne Ehman, Zoe Gordon, Axel Ehman, Aaron Veldstra.

Prince Arthur's Landing

Photo of Art Bus Artists

Reflection and Movement MORE

Caroline Kajorinne, Riaz Mehmood, Sam Shahsahabi and Marianne Kyryluk of Satellite Studio Artist Collective
Digital image on vinyl wrap   
City Bus Routes throughout Thunder Bay

 Community thumb

community more

Callen Banning
Computer illustration on glass
8.5m wide x 2.5m high 
Victoriaville Civic Centre, 111 Syndicate Avenue South                 

 2015 Germaniuk thumb

winterfest snow sculptures (2015) more

Lila Cano, Becky Davis, Matthew Dirks, Hana Dorval, Michael Dorval, Sasha Dorval, Axel Ehman, Shayne Ehman, Emma Fergus-Moore, Vic Germaniuk, Zoe Gordon, Tom Ihala, Nathan Kuch, Walter Kuch, Bret Nicol, Luke Nicol, Robin Nolan, Eugene Lefrancois, Chris Rantala, Seth Scriver, Judy Vinni, Eric Wainio.  

 Movie screen thumb

movie nights in the park more

On an annual basis, local filmmakers and filmmaking organizations are selected to screen their projects on the big screen at the waterfront. 

Prince Arthur's Landing - Festival Area


Giant Baby
winterfest snow sculptures (2014) more

John Books, Damon Dowbak, Sarah Anne Eby, Shayne Ehman, Vic Germaniuk, Zoe Gordon, Walter Kuch, Nathan Kuch, Eugene LeFrancois, Angus MacDonald, Matt Machioni, Michael O'Connor, Judi Vinni.

Prince Arthur's Landing - Waterfront Plaza

 Carving mammoth thumb1

winterfest snow sculptures (2013) more

John Books, Mathew Dirks, Damon Dowbak, Shayne Ehman, Anthony Epp, Carol Kajorinne, Kris Krieven, Vic Germaniuk, Zoe Gordon, Angus MacDonald, Liam O'Connor, Michael O'Connor, Seth Scriver.

Prince Arthur's Landing - Waterfront Plaza

 Community Art Fence thumb Community art fence more
Various artists
Prince Arthur's Landing - Splash pad / Skate rink

Pulse thumb

pulse more

Scott McKay
Stainless steel
1.9m high (6.5')
Superior North Emergency Medical Services building, 105 Junot Avenue South
Kajorinne Thumb

bike racks Designs (4) more

Carol Kajorinne, Jean Marshall, Jennifer Nichols, Luke Nicol
Stainless steel
40.5cm (16") diameter per panel
Various business/organization entrances

Literary Selections Rd 1 thumbnail

written art installations (11) more

Jane Crossman, Marilyn Dumont, Donna Faye, J.F. (Jim) Foulds, Rick Garrick & Bob McKay, Emily Pauline Johnson/Tekahionwake, Marianne Jones, Jean E. Pendziwol, Sarain Stump, Catherine Moodie Vickers

Varies: 0.3m high x 1m wide (1’h x 4’w)

Text sandblasted onto granite blocks

2011 and 2013

Various locations within Prince Arthur's Landing

 Beacon thumb1

Jiigew  more

spmb | Eduardo Aquino & Karen Shanski
A design collaboration with BMI Architects
21m high (70')
Corten steel with programmed LED lighting system 
Prince Arthur's Landing - Pier 1 and Pier 3
Photo by spmb
Celebration Circle Panel by Randy Thomas

CELEBRATION circle panels (9) more

Randy Thomas with Roy Thomas

Varies: 1m high x 1.5m wide (4'h x 5.5'w)

Corten Steel


Prince Arthur's Landing - Celebration Circle (Spirit Garden)

Naturally Inflated by Paul Slipper & Nadine Stefan

naturally inflated more

Paul Slipper & Nadine Stefan
Each 1m high x 1.3m wide x 0.3 deep (3.5'h x 4.5'w x 1' d)
Stone, predominantly granite
Prince Arthur's Landing - Base of Pier 1

Embedded History by Steven Beites & Christian Joakim of Studio Kimiis

Embedded history more

Kimiis | Steven Beites & Christian Joakim

2m high 15m wide (6.5'h x 47’w)

Glass fibre reinforced concrete


Prince Arthur's Landing - Water feature wall beside Baggage Building Arts Centre

Traveller's Return by Andy Davies

traveller's return more

Andy Davies
Droplet cluster: 6m high x 2m wide (19'h x 7.5'w); single droplet 5.5m high x 1m wide (18'h x 4.5'w)
Prince Arthur's landing - Base of Pier 3

BOats on Lake Superior by Jyhling Lee of figureground studio

thunder bay gateways (3) more

Northern Lights, Boreal Forest, Boats on Lake Superior
The Figure Ground Studio | Jyhling Lee
Each 2m high x 5m wide (6.5'h x 16.5'w)
Laser-cut steel, sandblasted and powder-coated
Hwy 11/17, Hwy 61, Thunder Bay International Airport
The Angler & The Fish by Krzysztof Zukowski

the angler & the fish more

Krzysztof (Kristof) Zukowski
Angler 4.5m high (14.5'h); fish 3m high (10'h)
Hot-dipped galvanized and painted mild steel


May Street bridge

Ulysses by Mark Nisenholt

paleogirls, swimmers & ulysses more

Mark Nisenholt

Each 1.5m high x 2.5m wide (5.5'h x 8'w)

Digital images on laminate glass


Prince Arthur's Landing - Pier 2

A Walk with the Kids by Paul Wolfe

A Walk with the Kids more

Paul Wolfe

Mother grouse 1m high x 0.7m wide x 0.8m deep (3'h x 2.5'w x 3'd); Chicks, each 0.7m square (2.5')

Reinforced concrete slabs 


Boulevard Lake Sculpture Garden

 Lyon's View by Roly Martin

Lyon’s View more

Roly Martin
5m high (16’h) 
Steel, cedar
Boulevard Lake Sculpture Garden

The Wanderer by Sarah Link with James Woodbeck

The Wanderer more

Sarah Link with James Woodbeck

3m high x 1m wide (10’h x 3’w)

Bronze, glacial erratic 


Boulevard Lake Sculpture Garden

Installation of art by Caroline Kajorinne

Art Installation in Public Spaces more

A pilot public art course developed in collaboration with Lakehead University resulting in the creation of temporary artworks
Breanna Bakkelund, Kelly Greer, Hannah Guthrie, Caroline Kajorinne, Sam Shahsahabi
409 Victoria Avenue East (former Bank of Commerce site)
Terra Firma by John Books and Christopher Stones

Terra Firma more

John Books & Christopher Stones
5m high x 2.5m wide (16'h x 8'w)
Welded sheet bronze
Thunder Bay City Hall, 500 Donald Street East

John Vickers by John Books

John & Catherine Vickers more

John Books

Each 1m high x 0.3m wide (3'h x 1'w)

Bronze plate, stainless steel, cast bronze


Vickers Street bridge

Vessel by Jacqueline Metz and Nancy Chew

Vessel more

Jacqueline Metz & Nancy Chew
12’ h (3.65 m) x 15’ d (4.57 m)
3.5m high x 3m wide x 5m deep (12'h x 10'w x 16'd) 

Corten steel, stainless steel, pressure treated wood


Prince Arthur's Landing - Skateboard/BMX Plaza

Diatom Whisper: Alchemy by Ingrid Koivukangas

Diatom Whisper: Alchemy more

Ingrid Koivukangas

Each 38cm wide (15")

Cast glass, fused glass


Prince Arthur's Landing - Skateboard/BMX Plaza

Birch Point by Sean Randall

Birch Point more

Sean Randall
2.5m high x 28m wide (8'h x 92'w)

Steel plate, pressure-treated wood, concrete


Boulevard Lake - Birch Point Park

 Clock Tower thumb

charry's corner clock tower more

Damon Dowbak
7m high (24'h)
Steel, copper, lexan glass, concrete
Charry's Corner, Simpson Street & Fort William Road
Animikii thumb2

Animikii more

Anne Allardyce
7m high x 3.5m wide (22'h x 12'w) pedestal 4.5m diameter (15')
Stainless steel, copper/bronze, stone, concrete, black granite
Kaministiquia River Heritage Park
Vertere - Paul Epp

Vertere more

Paul Epp
3m high x 12m wide (10'h x 40'w)
White pine
Canada Games Complex, 420 Winnipeg Avenue