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2015 Winterfest Snow Sculptures

As part of the event programming during WinterFest (Family Day), Prince Arthur's Landing was filled with snow carvings created by local and regionally based snow carvers. The theme of the competition was "Fantasy and Fairy Tales." 

WinterFest is an annual event and snow sculptures are selected by open competition. Artists who are interested in producing a carving are encouraged to check the open call to artists page and to sign up for the City's email notification list for public art competitions. Both new and experienced carving teams are welcome.

In 2015 the number of carving teams doubled!

2015 Statistics
8 carving teams
22 participating artists
8 sculptures created
13 snow blocks carved (WinterFest weekend)
2 additional blocks carved (Feb 7th worskshop) 


"into the woods"
(red riding hood and grandmother's house)

Winner of People's Choice
Lila Cano, Hanna Dorval, Michael Dorval, Sasha Dorval


team berzerker "Gollum and the one ring"

Axel Ehman, Shayne Ehmann, Zoe Gordon, Seth Scriver


the eh? team "evolutionary apprehension"
(girl with dragon emerging from egg)

Vic Germaniuk, Tom Ihala


"the essence of faery tales" (Sorcerer and dragon) 

Nathan and Walter Kuch


snow dragon

Bret Nicol


snow queen and horses

Winner of Carver's Choice
Matthew Dirks, Luke Nicol


red riding hood and wolf

Becky Davis, Chris Rantala


"Imagination around us"

Willow Springs Creative Centre: Emma Fergus-Moore, Eugene Lefrancois, Robin Nolan, Judy Vinni, Eric Wainio