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Birch Point

Sean Randall
2.5m high x 28m wide (8'h x 92'w)
Steel plate, pressure-treated wood, concrete
Boulevard Lake - Birch Point Park

This project was the result of a partnership with the Forest Capital Development Association to celebrate the City’s designation as Forest Capital of Canada, to commemorate the centennial of the Canadian Forestry Association and to provide a local landmark and tourist attraction as a millennium legacy project.

The Forest Capital Development Association had expanded the recreational area along the Current River Greenway extending from the City into the surrounding boreal forest. The public art opportunity was conceived as a celebration of the City's achievement at integrating the outdoor environment and nature with industry and recreation. Birch Point by Nolal-based artist Sean Randall serves as gateway drawing people into the Current River Greenway Recreation area.

The artwork references the predominantly boreal forest of the region, taking viewers along a concrete pathway inlaid with steel 'drawings' derived from artwork produced by local schoolchildren. The students had studied the boreal forest and watersheds and created artwork of their impression of the environment and their connection to it. The sculpture plaza is surrounded by three dimensional images representing a watershed running through a forest and through time. The cutout images on the steel walls of the sculpture depictlocal wildlife, forestry, outdoor recreation and trees, while providing a view of the surrounding landscape. 

The figure - ground collapse is created by integrating the sculpture into the existing environment. It is this relationship that is at the heart of the sculpture.

I have chosen my subject matter (or perhaps it chose me) from my immediate surroundings; my own backyard, our farm, and the boreal forest. I am attracted to the harshness of the natural environment and strive to record the rhythm, pattern and light of our lives in the north.

-Sean Randall (artist)