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Lyon's View

Roly Martin
5m high (16’h) 
Steel, cedar
Boulevard Lake Sculpture Garden
Directions: Park at the end of Rita Street. Exit and turn right onto the paved walking path for approximately 5 minutes (Boulevard Lake should be at left)

The Boulevard Lake Sculpture Garden project was the result of collaboration between the City’s Recreation & Culture and Parks Divisions, with funding from the Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee. The guiding theme for the artwork was “Bird Sanctuaries in an Urban Forest.”

The competition was open to local and regionally-based artists who were applying to their first public art competition. The City provided a workshop series guiding artists through the City’s public art process, including a presentation by the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists. The works of three Thunder Bay-based artists were selected for the sculpture garden.

The title of the sculpture Lyon's View refers to W. J. Lyon who gifted the Boulevard Lake property to the town of Port Arthur, requesting that the unique features of the landscape be maintained for everyone to enjoy. The oversized hat on the sculpture is hollow and functions as a dwelling for small bird species.

The design for the sculpture represents a place for the patron to watch over the beauty and splendor of the park landscape. The site chosen for installation was selected in order to add height to the vertical design of the sculpture and to enhance the symbolic view provided for Lyon to watch over the park.

-Roly Martin (artist)