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Naturally Inflated

Paul Slipper & Nadine Stefan
Each 1m high x 1.3m wide x 0.3 deep (3.5'h x 4.5'w x 1' d)
Stone, predominantly granite
Prince Arthur's Landing - Base of Pier 1New Site 

Naturally Inflated, a series of sculptures created by the Vancouver-based artist team of Paul Slipper and Nadine Stefan, was guided by the theme “Interactive creatures to play with” and uses artwork evoke a sense of exploration and fun.

During the selection process, the City received comments on three shortlisted proposals from groups of children attending the City’s summer programs which informed the final selection. 

Slipper and Stefan’s artwork depicts a herd of ten balloon animals that appear to have drifted into the park. Their height is at the eye level of an average six year old. The colourful array of stones such as granite from Vermilion Bay have polished, jewel-like surfaces that invite touch and an appreciation of the material.

The idea behind this project is the universal appeal of the balloon and its association to children. Moreover, it is a playful theme intended to connect with the “inner child” in everyone.

Recognizing the distinctive characteristics a balloon possesses (lightness, hollowness, and bounciness), young viewers are encouraged to investigate the contrasting nature of the material that relates to such words as heavy, solid and immovable.

It is our hope that all who encounter them engage in a process of discovery, learning and simple amusement.

- Paul Slipper & Nadine Stefan (artists)