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Scott McKayPulse Day
Stainless steel
1.9m high (6.5')
Superior North Emergency Medical Services building, 105 Junot Avenue South    

Pulse, by artist Scott McKay is located in front of the Superior North Medical Emergency Services (EMS) headquarters facility and was selected by a jury through an open competition administered by the Recreation & Culture Division.

The shape of the sculpture references the lines of a heart rate monitor, known as the QRS Complex. The artist has considered how the simplicity of this line is a representation of human life.

The business of life saving and preservation is a noble one and the honour of creating a piece of art which will symbolize this is inspiring. The QRS wave, is the essence of ourselves in terms of medical simplicity. As with the heart rate monitor the pulse moves from left to right. Three beats in total with increasing strength to the right side. Time is defined by the progression from left to right. The importance of service is represented by the increasing strength of the beat. The stainless steel embodies the endurance and timeless effort provided by the Superior North EMS. 

- Scott McKay (artist)

Construction of the EMS building completed in 2012, and the incorporation of artwork is part of the City’s Clean, Green and Beautiful policy, which specifies that a percentage of the City’s gross capital budget for new infrastructure is allocated towards Clean, Green and Beautiful initiatives such as public art.

Pulse Cropped