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Reflection and Movement

Reflection and Movement

Caroline Kajorinne, Riaz Mehmood, Sam Shahsahabi and Marianne Kyryluk of Satellite Studio Artist Collective

A moving showcase of local art

Art Bus photoOn July 24, 2015, the City of Thunder Bay unveiled a City Transit Bus transformed into a moving showcase of local art.

The exterior of the bus, called “Reflection and Movement” was created by Thunder Bay artists -  Caroline Kajorinne, Riaz Mehmood, Sam Shahsahabi and Marianne Kyryluk  of Satellite Studio Artist Collective. 

“Reflection and Movement” celebrates local transportation and its relationship to culture. Using a universal language of pattern, the artists created a whimsical, vibrant artwork visible from afar, featuring buses from our past moving in different directions. The selection of buses includes two Brill Buses such as those historically used in Port Arthur and Fort William. 

The interior of the bus features 8 art panels that were created at community workshops hosted by the Community Arts and Heritage Education Project (CAHEP).

“The intent of the art bus is to integrate creativity and art into the daily, urban experience of residents and visitors to Thunder Bay”, said Daniel Hansen, Public Art Committee Chair. “It will enliven the experience of city life and showcase the work of local professional artists.”

The bus is used on all routes throughout the City, year-round and is available as a charter and shuttle to the City’s summer events.

“Thunder Bay Transit is constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience. We’re happy to contribute space on our vehicles in a way that shows that we value the time customers spend with us and helps local artists at the same time,” said Jon Hendel, Planning & Marketing Analyst.

Transit Services Division

This project was created by the City’s Public Art Committee. Funding was provided by the Recreation & Culture Division, The Transit Division, and the Clean, Green and Beautiful Committee through the Emerging Projects Fund. 

Detailed art bus photos