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Terra Firma

John Books & Christopher Stones
5m high x 2.5m wide (16'h x 8'w)
Welded sheet bronze
Thunder Bay City Hall, 500 Donald Street East

In 2009 a series of renovations to Thunder Bay City Hall were completed. In accordance with the City’s Clean, Green & Beautiful policy, a public art component  was incorporated to enhance the function, look and feel of where the city's citizens live, work and play. The artwork was installed on the building’s exterior, creating a lasting impressions for visitors and residents alike. 

The sculptural artwork produced by the Thunder Bay-based artist team of John Books and Christopher Stones depicts three tree species that are common to the region's forests:white pine, black spruce and balsam. Together they represent the community of Thunder Bay: its strength, resilience and beauty. Lake Superior and the emblematic Sleeping Giant are present in the background.

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