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The Wanderer

Sarah Link with James Woodbeck
3m high x 1m wide (10'h x 3'w)
Bronze, glacial erratic 
Boulevard Lake Sculpture Garden
Directions: Park at the end of Rita Street. Exit and turn right onto the paved walkway for approximately 5 minutes (Boulevard Lake shouldn be at left)

The Boulevard Lake Sculpture Garden project was the result of a collaboration between the City’s Recreation & Culture and Parks Divisions, with funding from the Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee.  The guiding theme for the art competition was “Bird Sanctuaries in an Urban Forest.”

The competition was open exclusively to local and regionally-based artists. The City provided a series of workshops guiding artists through the City’s public art process, including a presentation by the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists. The works of three Thunder Bay artists were selected for the Boulevard Lake Sculpture Garden.

Artist Sarah Link located an appropriate rock for her project from a property on Spruce River Road. The 'rock' was actually a 2.4 billion year old glacial erratic that had been deposited by a retreating glacier 8,000 years ago from a site 50 miles north of Thunder Bay. The fifteen ton 'rock' is a visual metaphor for the Sibley Cliffs where the once endangered Peregrine Falcon was bred in captivity and reintroduced into the environment by the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists.

At the top of the sculpture rests a life-size sculpture of a Peregrine Falcon created by artist James Woodbeck. Adjacent to the Peregrine, a white egg-shaped rock wrapped in a single band of metal is a reminder of the necessity for the protection and preservation of the peregrine eggs whose shells were once weakened by the use of pesticides.