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WinterFest Snow Sculptures

  Car banner  Skater

As part of the event programming during the first WinterFest at Prince Arthur's Landing (on Family Day), the City hosted a snow sculpture symposium for local and regionally based snow carvers. Four teams were selected by open competition and were each assigned an 8'x8'x8' block of snow. The sculptures attracted thousands of visitors, particularly families with young children.

WinterFest is an annual event in the City. Interested snow or ice carvers are encouraged to check the open call to artists page and to sign up for the City's email notification list for public art competitions.

Carving Teams
John Books, Damon Dowback and Angus MacDonald produced a carving representing the winter wind and an ice skater.
Shayne Ehman, Zoe Gordon and Seth Scriver produced a carving of a snowy owl, owlet and egg.
Anthony Epp, Carol Kajorinne, Mathew Dirks and Kris Krieven produced a carving of a wooly mammoth rolling a snowball.
Michael O'Connor, Liam O'Connor and Vic Germaniuk produced a carving of a carfull of animals and were the recipients of the People's Choice award. 

  Owl banner  Mammoth