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The Angler & the Fish

Krzysztof Zukowski
Angler 4.5m high (14.5'h); fish 3m high (10'h)
Hot-dipped galvanized and painted mild steel
May Street bridge

May St Fish1    May St Angler

The May Street Bridge, located between Northern Avenue and Southern Avenue, was reconstructed during the summer of 2010. As part of the City's Clean, Green & Beautiful policy, public art was incorporated to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bridge. The City's Engineering Division provided project funding.

May Street is a corridor between the north and south cores of the city, frequented by a considerable volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The sculptures by Toronto-based artist Krzysztof Zukowski depict a stylized angler on one side of the bridge, and a leaping fish on the other, both painted a vibrant shade of red. Viewers are given the impression of a fishing line connecting the two figures across the bridge.

Given the bridge's short span, Zukowski's art is a gentle yet vibrant reminder to vehicle travellers that they are passing over a body of water and connected to the natural environment.

My proposal has been inspired by the river and the unique character of the City. But it should also provoke the viewer to his or her own interpretations.

-Krzysztof Zukowski

May St Sculptures