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Public Art Committee

Public Art

The Public Art Committee (PAC) is mandated to provide expert community input on City of Thunder Bay public art policies, projects and procedures. For information about the PAC's terms of reference or about becoming a member visit the Committees Home Page or contact the Public Art Coordinator at 625-2365 or  


Community Representatives

  • Aaron Veldstra
  • Jennifer King
  • Daniel Hansen 
  • Hope Illson (Student Representative)

Vacancies - 1 

Institution Representatives

  • Lakehead University Dept. of Visual Art - Kristy Holmes 
  • Thunder Bay Art Gallery - Nadia Kurd 
  • Thunder Bay Historical Museum - Tory Tronrud
  • Definitely Superior Art Gallery - Elizabeth Buset

City of Thunder Bay Representatives

  • Accessibility Advisory Committee - Lynn Burke
  • Heritage Advisory Committee - Gloria Cyr 
  • City Archives & Records Centre - Christina Wakefield
  • Recreation & Culture - Ashley Young   


                                                                                                                                                                                      The PAC meets on the first Monday of every second month from 3 to 5 pm.