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Bids, Proposals and Hosting Application

A bid or an application to host an event involves convincing the owner or organizer of the event that you are the best candidate to act as the host. You must include an outline of the facilities and the services you are prepared to offer for the event. The amount of information and form of presentation will vary depending on the scope of the event, but every bid proposal will include key elements.

The best bids are Athlete Centred, Volunteer Driven and Community Based.

Successful bids demonstrate how the host community:

  • Will provide an exceptional experience for the athletes;
  • Has the ability, expertise, experience and facilities to run an excellent event;
  • Will support the event (government, event participation, corporations, media, volunteers, spectators).

City Council may provide financial support for large events with significant economic importance for Thunder Bay. Before approaching City Council, it is important to be prepared with the following information:

  • the size of the event
  • the date(s)
  • the social and economic impacts
  • a budget

Other key elements should be in place before preparing a bid or a proposal:

  • Check to make sure that the facilities are available and make a tentative booking. An inventory of City of Thunder Bay meeting facilities is available in the Meetings & Conventions Guide or online at the Meetings & Conventions page.
  • Plan for transportation and accommodation of event participants. The distance from major centres to Thunder Bay is a challenge that organizers often face. Air Canada, WestJet and Bearskin Airlines may be able to provide discount rates for group travel.
  • Get to know the people making the selection. It may be beneficial to have a good reputation within the organization in which you wish to place a bid.
  • The Terry Fox Information Centre (983-2041) offers support materials for bid proposals that include Welcome Bags complete with city maps, brochures and venue attraction information.

Ontario International Amateur Sport Hosting Policy
Launched in 2006, the Policy helps guide the Province's decisions to participate and determine the value of its investment in bids to host sport events in Ontario. The Policy covers international amateur sport associated with the international sport federation and games organizations recognized by the International Olympic Committee/International Paralympics Committee.  The guidelines and Policy are available here.

For More Information
Contact John Cameron at 625-3231 or for advice on preparing a bid.