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Designing the program is one of the best parts of event planning. List the specific event activities. Do the activities fall within your broad mission statement? Do they meet your goals and objectives? Consider the following when designing your program:

  • Target Market and Event Size
    Who are your event participants?
    Will your proposed program entice the market you want to reach?
    Is your event unique and exciting?
    How many participants do you want to attract?
  • Entrance Fee
    What is the entrance cost? Can your targeted participant pay the admission fee? Will they pay the fee?
  • People With Disabilities
    Can people with disabilities participate? Ramping may be required depending on the location of your event, and designated disabled parking should be available. There are many considerations, but there are also many resources available to assist you in planning an accessible event for all populations in your community.
  • Budget
    Will your planned activities fit the event’s budget?
  • Volunteers
    How many staff and volunteers are needed to manage your event?
  • Time Line
    It is strongly recommended that you use a time line.
    Set planning goals at specific times leading up to an event to ensure that things get done.
    Use a calendar or chart with deadlines for the completion of specific tasks to assist in both organization and preparedness.
    Use check lists for equipment and site requirements, and action lists to identify who does what.
  • Protocol/Special Guests/Inviting the Mayor
    Depending on availability, the Mayor and other city officials may attend your event if given proper notice. A formal invitation should be individually addressed to the Mayor and to each of the City Councillors. (Refer to the front section of the telephone book for a list of city officials and the correct spelling of their names.)

    If you are planning an official ceremony where you would like a city official to participate by saying a few words, cutting the ribbon, or assisting with an activity, you should include the request in your invitation and ask for a response. Be sure to include a contact name and phone number where the city official can reach you. Mail or drop off your invitations to:

City Hall
c/o City Clerk’s Department
500 Donald Street East
P.O. Box 800
Thunder Bay, ON
P7C 5K4

Assistance from the Mayor’s Office may also facilitate official participation at your event. Contact Jennine Husiak at 625-3601.

The City Clerk’s Office is available to provide advice on protocol, order of flags etc. As well, this office provides information concerning an event proclamation or a deputation to City Hall. Contact the City Clerk’s Office at 625-2230.

Federal and Provincial Representatives
MPs and MPPs should also be formally invited by sending them an invitation or by calling their respective offices. Refer to the blue pages in the telephone book under Members of Parliament and Members of Provincial Parliament for names, addresses and phone numbers.