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On-site communication is critical to the successful management of an event. Having an accessible communication system is important in the days leading up to an event as well as during the event itself. 

Portable Communication
Walkie Talkies, pagers and cell phones are useful for on-site communication. Test all equipment prior to the event. The Yellow Pages lists companies that can assist in planning communication needs under the headings: "Radiocommunication - Equipment and Systems," "Sound Systems and Equipment," and "Telephone Equipment, Systems & Services."

Recreation & Culture Division
The Recreation & Culture Division also has walkie-talkie radios that may be borrowed by event organizers. To reserve, contact Paul Burke at 625-2305 or email

Tbaytel (Thunder Bay Telephone)
Tbaytel offers services and equipment for events (phone 684-2985). Regular telephone service can include voice mail, callers' menus or internet access. For larger events, service can range from single-line sets to multi-line systems. Fees will vary depending on package size. Contact Tbaytel Marketing at 684-3509 or Tbaytel Business Sales at 684-2831.

Tbaytel Mobility cellular (loaner) phones are subject to availability; one-month written notice is recommended. Call 684-2985 for more information.

Other Services
To bury telephone cables, one-month lead time is required and the fee will depend on the scale of the work order; call 684-2376 for details.

Tbaytel also has an inventory of scrap parts such as lumber, pallets, cable reels, phone parts and old underground cables. Trailer flat-beds ranging in size from 15' to 30' are available in return for the user assuming costs for damages. Traffic pylons, barricades and fluorescent vests are subject to availability. For these items, call Rob Daniels, Tbaytel Supervisor Installation & Repair at 684-3225.

Sound Systems 
On-site broadcast equipment and public address systems may also be available through media sponsors, or check the Yellow Pages under - "Sound Systems and Equipment". 

It is essential to prepare proper contracts in writing prior to the event to ensure that equipment is available during your event.