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Accident Prevention and Emergency Procedures

The old adage "the best way to deal with an accident is to prevent it" applies here. Try to anticipate significant potential problems which might occur before the event or festival begins; then you will know where the dangers may lie and can plan accordingly.

It is imperative to have people trained in first aid on hand at your event. You may recruit people from the community or you may have your own staff and volunteers trained in first aid procedures prior to the event.

A standard first aid course takes fifteen hours to complete and an emergency first aid course takes eight hours.

To arrange a First Aid course contact either:

The Canadian Red Cross Society
Thunder Bay & District Branch
1145 Barton Street
Thunder Bay, ON
(807) 623-3073

The St. John Ambulance Centre
518 Fort William Road
Thunder Bay, ON
(807) 345-1712

Emergency Plan
Develop emergency procedures and an emergency plan before the event and make sure that all staff and volunteers are familiar with both. People should be made aware of where to go if an emergency occurs. First aid kits should be placed in specific locations which are identified to the public.

If your event is high risk, you require on site medical services to be available. The St. John Ambulance Centre is the major provider of emergency medical services for events. Although this is a voluntary service, a donation to cover the associated costs is appreciated.

In a written request, outline the time(s) of event, location, number of participants/spectators, nature of event, and expected medical concerns. A lead time of one month is recommended.

Follow this with a telephone call to discuss your request in more detail, and to gain advice on measures that can minimize medical emergencies.

Send your request to:

The St. John Ambulance Centre
518 Fort William Road
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 2Z8
(807) 345-1712

Other Options
St. John Ambulance is a voluntary service and volunteers may not always be available. Other individuals with first aid training include ski patrollers and lifeguards. Medical professionals may also provide assistance for the event.

If you are planning a very large event with a considerable number of participants and spectators, consult the nearest hospital. By notifying these facilities in advance, proper planning for emergencies can be incorporated into hospital staffing. In addition, these experts may be able to assist with the planning of your event to minimize accidents.