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On-Site Decision Making

Event organizers and volunteers need to be aware of "who is in charge"; someone must be responsible in case an emergency decision is required. Establish a key emergency contact before the event.

Line of Communication
Communication lines must be established. The person in charge should be available at all times by cellular phone, or they should be located at the Event Control Centre. In cases of emergency, the person in charge must remain calm, and use volunteers for information, advice and assistance. With larger events, individual activities can be closed for short periods of time without causing great inconvenience.

Inclement Weather or Rain Plan
Outdoor events should have a rain plan in place prior to the event. Decisions should be made regarding which activities will be cancelled due to weather or if the entire event will be postponed until another day. If there is a rain date, plan that date in advance.

The rain plan also indicates who will take charge to direct the participants to specified sheltered areas or inform the participants of an alternative indoor location. An event organizer can contact Environment Canada for up-to-date weather reports. For a public weather recording, call 345-9111 or check out the Environment Canada Weather Office website: (Thunder Bay).