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Recreation & Culture Division Rental Equipment

The City of Thunder Bay’s Recreation & Culture Division lends the following equipment items to not-for-profit community groups hosting events, subject to availability:

Items Rented for a Fee (effective April 1, 2018):

  • Sound System - JBL Power Eon speakers (suitable for making announcements, playing recorded music. Comes with cables, microphone, cordless mic on request) - $10 + tax/speaker/day
  • Crowd Control Barriers (steel) - $10 + tax/barrier/day
  • Jersey Barriers (plastic; water-filled) - $10 + tax/barrier/day
  • Tent Weights - $5 + tax/barrier/day

Items Rented for FREE:

To reserve items contact Paul Burke at 625-2305 or

Equipment borrowers are financially responsible for the replacement of equipment that is lost or returned damaged. Borrowers are responsible for pick-up and return of equipment.

City of Thunder Bay
Community Services
Tel: (807) 625-2305
Contact: Paul Burke