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Health and Food Services

Event organizers planning to sell or give food away to the public must submit an Event Organizing Committee - Special Event Food Vendor Application Form to the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. This application must be received at least 60 days prior to the scheduled date of the event. For more information, visit the "Food Safety" section of or call 625-5930. 

A number of Health and Food Safety Requirements must be approved prior to holding an outdoor event in an area where food is not normally served. You will need to use one of two sets of guidelines, depending on the event's length: (i) for events three days or less and (ii) for events three days or more.

A Public Health Inspector must review your plans to ensure that food products will be properly stored, prepared, cooked and served according to Public Health Regulations and Guidelines.

For complete health and food guidelines to host events contact:

Thunder Bay District Health Unit
99 Balmoral Street
Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 6E7
Tel: 625-5926

Food Services Premises License
If food is prepared for sale to the public, a Food Service Premises License is required. There is a $20 licensing fee.


City of Thunder Bay
Licensing & Enforcement Division
Victoriaville Civic Centre
P.O. Box 800
Thunder Bay, ON  P7C 5K4
Tel: 625-2710

Toilet Facilities
Adequate toilet facilities must also be supplied and maintained. Portable washrooms are available through contracting services. Consult the yellow pages under "Toilets - Portable". To determine the number of toilets you will need, an attendance estimate is required. For a guide, use the District Health Unit's Sanitary Facilities at Special Events summary sheet:  Adobe PDF (1 page, 48 KB)

Be sure to include accessible toilets for people with physical disabilities. Ensure that toilets are inspected daily and cleaned as needed.