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Other Services

Snow Removal
Snow removal on City property can be arranged. Ask for this service at the time you obtain permission to use the property. Charges will apply for snow clearing and street sweeping if the work occurs outside of the regular schedule. On private property, this service can be contracted. Check the Yellow Pages under "Snow Removal Service".

Sewer and Water Supply
Contact the City of Thunder Bay, Transportation and Works Department, with respect to water supplies and other services that may be required on City property. A list of sewer and water requirements must be forwarded at least one month in advance of the event; charges are based upon by-law requirements. Transportation and Works will provide advice, with a charge for labour, to private consultants to conform to City standards. The Health and Safety Division will provide advice to community groups to meet City standards in health and safety with regard to events held on City property.

The Transportation and Works Department offer tours of its facilities. All tours require a request by telephone or mail one to two weeks in advance. For tours of the department’s other facilities and equipment contact Mike Sandrin at 684-2422. City maps and topographical data for lands within City limits are available. Fees vary by map. Contact the Planning Division at 625-2216.

Archives and Records
The City Archives offers a free-standing display on the City Archives and types of records. Brief talks and tours are also available on the use of archival records for research. These services are available at no charge, subject to availability. Call 625-2270 for more information.