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Recycling, Waste Reduction and Litter Prevention

Organizers of events are responsible for the supply of garbage bags and delivering the waste to the John Street Landfill Site for disposal.

All events must develop a recycling strategy. The City of Thunder Bay, through Recool Canada Inc., will provide event recycling bins for multiple locations within the event site. To view the style of bins available that will best suit your event, visit A total of 10 bins are available at no charge for the event. The bins available are for the collection of glass food and beverage containers, pop cans, steel food and beverage containers, #1 and #2 plastic bottles with a small neck and twist off top, milk cartons and tetra paks.

Bag liners for the recycling bins are provided by Recool Canada Inc. For the larger-style containers such as mobile trailers, recycling centres or 4 x 4 bins, contact Recool to come and empty the bins if required during the event. For the smaller-style containers, remove the full recycling bag and install a new bag that has been provided and stored in the bottom of each bin. Set aside the full bag of recycling in a designated storage area until your event is finished.

Contact Recool Canada Inc. at 577-0411 for more information and reservations. RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE.

Careful planning of locations for refreshment booths and concession areas will pay off. Give consideration to the route recyclables will take, from purchase to where they will be consumed and ultimately disposed of. Set up garbage containers and recycling bins in locations that will be convenient for visitors. The easier you make it, the higher the level of participation you will enjoy.

Refer to Litter-Free & Green Event Planning by Zero Waste Action Team, Litter Free Thunder Bay, EcoSuperior and the City of Thunder Bay.

Placement of Containers
Place containers in highly visible areas. This will encourage visitors to use the recycling option. Put colourful balloons on the signs.

If you have more garbage containers than recycling bins, indicate the location of the closest recycling station on each garbage bin.

Promote Recycling
Publicity for your event should include information on the importance of recycling and the availability of it at the event.

Plan to actively promote recycling at your event. Make banners or signs for the entrance gates. At a minimum, there should be garbage and recycling containers at all entrances exits and locations where food will be consumed.

Make sure everyone who is working at the event, including the volunteers, understand proper recycling procedures so they can share the information with the public.

Preventing Waste
Talk to the vendors who will be providing refreshments. Encourage them to limit packaging or provide reusable containers where possible. To request the City of Thunder Bay "Water Bar" contact Brenda at EcoSuperior at 624-2149 or or access the request form on the EcoSuperior's Water Bar Page.

Set Up
Arrange to have the bins delivered and set up the day prior to the event if possible. Make sure you have adequate signage identifying the location of recycling locations and types of recyclables you are collecting. Put signs up where food is being sold indicating which snack containers can be recycled at the event.

During the Event
Make regular announcements over the public address system reminding the public to recycle beverage and food containers.

After the Event
Thank donors, vendors, sponsors and volunteers and share the recycling and waste prevention results with them. Publicize your appreciation for recycling efforts in post-event media.



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