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Security and Policing

Security is required for road closures, crowd control, when liquor is served and to prevent theft or damage at the site overnight.

Who will do the job?
Security can be provided using volunteers or through companies listed in the Yellow Pages under "Security Guard and Patrol Services," as well as through the Thunder Bay Police.

Thunder Bay Police
For information about hiring off-duty Thunder Bay Police officers for an event, visit the paid duty section of their website.

Security Needs
Specific types of security are required for certain events; be sure to check with security companies or other authorities to confirm that your security system is sufficient. Adequate security must be in place for the issuance of any liquor license, and will also affect insurance requirements. Some areas and occasions that require security include road closures, crowd control, when liquor is served and to prevent theft or damage at the site overnight.

Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue
The City of Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue service provides a number of services and types of equipment free of charge, subject to availability and the nature of the event. For example, the Fire Service will provide a fire inspection of an event site, which identifies fire routes, access to water supplies and the 18' clearance laneway. Personnel, tours of a fire station and the attendance of apparatus at special events are available with a written request.

In addition, the Fire Service can provide water from hydrants for dunk tanks and the use of the aerial bucket to raise banners or to take panoramic photographs. Tours of a fire station, a fire truck, a pumper or the hovercraft may be available for these services. Contact the Administration at the Vickers Street Station at 625-2103 or 625-1990.

Address written request to the attention of the Fire Chief and include the date, time and location of the event, as well as a contact name and phone number.

Fax written requests to 623-4545 or mail to: 

Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue Service
330 Vickers Street North
Thunder Bay, ON
P7C 4B2

Thunder Bay Fire Fighters Association
With a written request, the Thunder Bay Fire Fighters Association may be available to provide fire protection and security at an event as well. Fax to 684-3087 or mail to:

Thunder Bay Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 193
P.O. Box 10187
Thunder Bay ON
P7B 6T7