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Canada Games Complex

Complex Pools


The 77-metre pool is divided by two bulkheads, accommodating three sections for recreational fun and games, lessons, lane swimming and diving activities. The water depth ranges from very shallow at .83 metres to very deep at 4.94 metres. This allows the very young to touch bottom while learning to swim.

The Swirlpool is a favourite place to relax in warmer water while the hydrotherapy water jets create a spa-like feeling for young and old. The water depth ranges from 30 cm to 80 cm.

The pool decks are exceptionally wide to accommodate badminton, table tennis, children's play equipment, exercise equipment, vending machines, social area and our Birthday Party Places. Permanent bleachers with a capacity of 800 are located off the pool deck. The Complex is also home to the Thunderbolts Swim Club.

Learn More About Birthday Parties & Swim Schedules

Birthday Parties at the Complex
Recreational Swim Schedule


Thunder SlideTHE Thunder Slide

The Thunderslide is 73 metres of fun and excitement. It starts with amazing speed from the 10-metre tower and travels a figure-8, emptying with a tremendous splash into the pool. Riders can be seen through the translucent fiberglass material, providing a spectacle for all onlookers.  

Complex Diving


Our diving tower has three platforms: 5 metre, 7.5 metre and 10 metre, plus two 3-metre and two 1-metre springboards. The Thunder Bay Diving Club provides recreational and competitive diving opportunities, plus Learn-To-Dive-Programs. Visit the Thunder Bay Diving Club's website at

 Diving Club Fall 2017 Program Information Adobe PDF, 1 page, 338 KB