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Food & Beverages

Two locations within Chippewa Park offerfood and beverages: the Pavilion and the Main Office.

Chippewa Park Pavilion

Chippewa Park PavilionDuring the operating season a privately owned food and beverage concession is open at the Pavilion from 12 noon - 5 pm, seven days a week, offering standard park fare such as hot dogs, hamburgers and fries. Inside and outside seating areas are available.

This concession, operated by Jeannette Posine, is also available to cater private events. Jeanette runs Superior Tipi Catering, which can provide items such as bannock, pickerel fish and much more. Please contact Jeanette at (807) 620-3932 for more information.

Chippewa Park Campground Main Office

A small grocery and souvenir store is located inside the main campground office with milk, bread, canned goods and basic food supplies, and a selection of camping supplies.