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Kaministiquia River Heritage Park

James Whalen TugboatKaministiquia River Heritage Park offers a refreshing promenade along the riverfront with a 55-metre long river walkway and scenic views of the Kaministiquia River.

For lovers of our maritime heritage, the over 100-year-old James Whalen Tug is permanently moored alongside the north end of walkway. At the walkway's south end, the Merchant Marine Monument honours 58 men who lost their lives in the Second World War while working for Paterson Steamships.

The magnificent, 22-foot tall "Animikii - Flies the Thunder" sculpture by artist Anne Allardyce presides over the river from the end of the boardwalk.

Animikii sculpture

The park also features a VIA Rail train exhibit.

Amenities & Attractions:

  • James Whalen Tug
  • Animikii - Flies the Thunder sculpture
  • vintage VIA Rail train
  • Merchant Marine monument 
  • annual Riverfest celebration in early September
  • park benches
  • boardwalk
  • docking facilities

Season: Year round

Location: Access from the Syndicate Avenue underpass at the south end of Syndicate Avenue, or from the pedestrian underpass at the intersection of Donald Street and Simpson Street

Parks Telephone: (807) 625-2313

 Kaministiquia River Park MemorialKaministiquia Park Riverfront Kaministiquia Park Entrance