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Paterson Park

Paterson FountainPaterson Park is a downtown oasis featuring a beautiful fountain donated by the Paterson Family. The park can be enjoyed both day and evening as it is lit with twinkle lights. Come enjoy a picnic lunch after a long day of shopping.

Amenities & Features

  • Paterson Park fountain
  • shade trees & park benches
  • annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in November
  • Ontario Historical Plaque detailing "The Capture of Fort William"

Year round

Corner of Miles Street & May Street

Parks Telephone: (807) 625-2313

More information:
See the Paterson Foundation website for information on the Foundation and the Paterson family.

Paterson Park Redevelopment Project

Thanks for your feedback on the proposed concept plans for the Paterson Park Redevelopment Project! Updates about the project will be available at a later date.

Marigolds at Paterson ParkHistorical Plaque at Paterson ParkMarigold Blooms at Paterson Park