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Junior Inclusion Services

Junior Inclusion Services (JIS) offers an exciting summer employment opportunity if you are interested in working with children/youth with special needs in recreation programs. You will receive guidance and training in preparation for a busy but rewarding summer spent with children in their activities. This is a great opportunity to enhance your skills, learn new ones and to gain valuable experience, especially if you are considering a career that involves working with children and families.

Some children require additional assistance in order to achieve and enjoy success. Junior Inclusion Services (JIS) offers that assistance to children/youth with special needs. Support is given to children, families and program leaders by providing training and resources to staff and volunteers by offering adaptive aids and physical support for children and by working together creatively and cooperatively. The programs that JIS supports include Playgrounds, Chippewa Summer Camps, Youth Zone and C.G.C. Adventures Camp with the Recreation & Culture Division.

Junior Inclusion Services Directors (2 positions available) are responsible for the planning and implementation of Junior Inclusion Services as a support to Recreation & Culture summer programs to ensure that they provide appropriate inclusive activities for children/youth with disabilities. They assist with training, scheduling and supervision of staff and volunteers. They meet with parents and children to discuss the needs of the child.
Junior Inclusion Services Facilitators (7 positions available) provide appropriate assistance to support the participants and staff of Recreation & Culture summer programs in the inclusion of children with special needs in the programs. They work in co-operation with the program leaders to provide activities and leadership for all the children in the group. They assist the child to participate in the activities of the group to his/her potential.
Junior Inclusion Services Specialist (1 position available) is responsible for the inclusion of youth with disabilities into the summer programs.

An Application Form Adobe PDF, 2 pages, 193 KB is required. Job Descriptions are available in the chart. 

Positions /Descriptions  Avail  Dates  Rate 
 2 May 4 - Aug 28 $13.67 - 15.53 
 7 June 22 - Aug 21 $10.94 - 12.43 
 1 May 11 - Aug 28  $10.94 - 12.43 


Mandatory Minimum Requirements:

  • Current Standard First Aid and Level ‘C’ C.P.R. Certification
  • Attendance at Inclusion Training (J.I.S.) approximately six evenings in early June
  • Program specific training - late June, 2009
  • High Five Quality Assurance Certification (Training dates are scheduled for March and June, 2009)
  • A Police Records Check (Type 2) from the Thunder Bay Police Department is a condition of hiring for ages 18 and over
  • 3 References required for ages under 18

* APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, February 13, 2009 at 4:30 pm *