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Waterfront Fast Fact #12: A formal contract was made in September 1978 to remove the aging freight shed and upper structure of the CPR dock, leaving only the base.

Walking the Waterfront - A Virtual Tour

North area of the Waterfront - 1969

Which was built first, the Prince Arthur Hotel or the Canadian Northern Railway Station? What was Thunder Bay's first public art installation? What was Red River Road called before 1977?

Come virtually visit Thunder Bay and take a walk through the City's Waterfront history. You will see architecture, art, industry, and park development. The scenic photographs and images shown here range in date from 1880 to 2011. Images are the property of the City of Thunder Bay Archives except where explicitly stated otherwise; images and information has also been contributed by the Thunder Bay Public Library and the Thunder Bay Historical Museum.

Click the thumbnail to see a larger version and description of each iconic point.