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Waterfront Masterplan

February 8, 2007 – Residents with an interest in Thunder Bay’s Waterfront will want to participate in a Launch of the Waterfront Vision and proposed Master Plan for Marina Park Village on Wednesday, March 7, 7 pm, at the Community Auditorium.

“After a great deal of effort and consultation, our committee is ready to bring its overall vision for the waterfront and its draft master plan for the first phase of Marina Park development to the public for further input,” says Councillor Mark Bentz, Chair of the Waterfront Development Committee. “Waterfront development is finally becoming a reality and we have already taken many visible steps in this direction.”

“In the last few months we have improved access to the park, opened winter trails and a skating pond and have done other infrastructure work in the park to demonstrate that we are serious about moving forward.  Now we are ready to  present our Marina Park Village Master Plan; its implementation will be the first big step toward making our entire Waterfront a year-round destination that’s connected and ours to celebrate.  There is a definite excitement on our committee and our unofficial motto has become, ‘The time is right. Let’s do it!’”

From 7-9 pm, a two-part Presentation:

• Keynote speaker Ann Breen of the Waterfront Center will share waterfront success stories from around the world. The Waterfront Center, which she co-founded in 1981 has worked with more than 100 communities in 38 US states including Minnesota and Wisconsin (Duluth and Superior), six provinces in Canada and 10 countries overseas.

• The Waterfront Committee and Consultants will present the Working Vision and first phase of plans for the Waterfront.  Residents who attend will be first to see the Master Plan and Design Guidelines proposed for the Marina Park Village.  

From 9 – 11 pm, Open House:

• Residents will have an opportunity to talk to members of the Waterfront Development Committee, the presenters, and to give their input on the plan.
“This is the continuation of an ongoing input process to develop our Waterfront in a way that’s responsive to the needs of the community,” says Councillor Bentz.  “Citizens have been, and will continue to be, involved in the design of their Waterfront.”

In January 2006, City Council endorsed the findings of a Highest and Best Use Study for the redevelopment and expansion of Marina Park. The study proposed a range of uses of the lands including recreational, residential, commercial and retail and established locations for those developments.

Further to endorsing the Study, Council authorized the development of the infrastructure and further studies, reports and designs required to implement the proposed development and to secure the necessary approvals for the development to proceed.

The City of Thunder Bay retained a consultant team led by Brook McIlroy Planning and Urban Design/Pace Architects to develop urban design guidelines for the Waterfront Village area proposed in the Highest and Best Use Study for the redevelopment of Marina Park.  BMI has received ten awards
for urban waterfront revitalization projects in the past five years alone and knows how to engage the public in the design process.

Planning began last June with a day-long design “charrette” where the Waterfront Development Committee along with a diverse group of people in the community participated in a creative modeling process to generate design ideas and preliminary guidelines for the Waterfront Village. Following the day-long "charrette" session, all members of the public were invited to the open house to see the ideas generated and have their say.

Since that time, the Waterfront Committee has met with the consultants several times to represent the public in the fine-tuning of the proposed plan, received numerous deputations and developed a Working Vision for our 52 kilometres of Waterfront. The Working Vision invites residents to “imagine Our Waterfront 10 years from now – Connected, Year-round and Ours to celebrate.”

A series of input opportunities are available before and after the March 7 event.  A Fact Sheet with the dates follows.

Visit theWaterfront Development page for timely updates on Waterfront Development.


Contact: Councillor Mark Bentz, Chair, Waterfront Development Committee, 577-8226   
Links:      For more information about Ann Breen and the Waterfront Center, visit   
For information on BMI/PACE waterfront projects visit


Fact Sheet

Waterfront Launch & Input Opportunities  

February 8, 2007 – The Waterfront Development Committee invites all interested residents to participate in a series of input sessions and the Launch of the Waterfront Vision and proposed Master Plan for Marina Park Village as follows: 

• Public Input Session with Waterfront Development Committee
Saturday, Feb. 17, 12:30 - 4:30 pm, West Thunder Community Centre, 915 Edward St. South. Share your thoughts and ideas with the Committee

• Launch and Open House
Wednesday, March 7, 7 pm, Community Auditorium.
From 7-9 pm hear Keynote speaker Ann Breen of the Waterfront Center talk about waterfront success stories from around the world and see the Master Plan and Design Guidelines proposed for Marina Park Village. From 9-11 pm, talk to members of the Waterfront Development Committee and give input on the plan.

• Open House on the proposed Master Plan
Thursday, March 8, 1-9 pm, Waterfront Restaurant, Marina Park (CN Station).
Drop in to talk to experts one on one. See the Master Plan up close and comment on what you like and don’t like.

• Deputation Session
Thursday, March 22, 6:30 pm, Council Chambers – City Hall.
Share how your project or idea fits into the Master Plan to be presented to Council on March 26.

• Presentation to Council: Marina Park Village Master Plan
Monday, March 26, 6:30 pm, Council Chambers – City Hall.

Everyone is welcome! Individuals and groups who wish to make a deputation at the Feb. 17 Public Input Session or the March 22 Deputation Session will have up to 10 minutes each and are encouraged to register by calling Barbara Moro at 625-2758.

Accessibility - Persons with disabilities who have special needs are asked to contact Donna Sippala at least 7 days before any of the public meetings. Phone: 625-2418, Fax: 625-3395, or e-mail:

- 30 -

Contact: Councillor Mark Bentz, Chair-Waterfront Development Committee, 577-8226