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City Government

Waterfront Web Camera Now Online

September 6, 2007 – The City of Thunder Bay now has a live camera mounted on the roof at 34 N. Cumberland Street. Anyone who has access to a computer can now get a glimpse of what is happening on Thunder Bay’s Waterfront; at anytime, from anywhere!

“The ever-changing live images of our spectacular waterfront provide an online window for visitors and investors the world over to see why we are Superior By Nature,” said Paul Pepe, Tourism Manager.  “It is a great visual tool for showcasing the true splendor of the Sleeping Giant, our community and Lake Superior.”

Available for viewing on the Tourism website at and from the Waterfront Development website at, the camera displays real-time images of everything from the Sleeping Giant to the Marina to Mt. McKay.

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Contact: Paul Pepe, Manager – Tourism Division, 625-3880