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Have you ever yearned for a canoe trip where you aren't going to bump into fellow canoeists on every other portage? Or felt the need to explore more remote regions untouched by the modern world? That's Wabakimi: where you can actually feel what it was like to be an early explorer or voyageur; where you can see the dramatic scenery of the Canadian Shield; and experience the natural state of a boreal forest. The discovery of rare pictographs, ancient campsites, and recovered artifacts suggest that earlier peoples have lived in Wabakimi for 700 years.

The town of Armstrong is the main staging point for most trips into the Wabakimi region, two and a half hour drive north from Thunder Bay. From there you can enter the Park by canoe, train, or float plane. Visit for a variety of Wabakimi and Kopka River maps, including rapids, waterfalls, portages, campsites, lodges, fly-in outposts, and trapper's cabins!

Contact:  Laurence Mills
   Callander, Ontario


Wabakimi Maps