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Walking Tours

The Walking Tours of Thunder Bay are self-guided tours designed so that both visitor and resident alike can learn about Thunder Bay's rich heritage and architecture, while at the same time enjoying a scenic walk through the city. Pamphlets/Maps are available at City Hall and can also be viewed on the City of Thunder Bay website. A total of 89 buildings are featured on four tours

The Heritage Advisory Committee along with the City of Thunder Bay is proud to offer walking tours in some of the City's most historic and architecturally significant areas.

Areas include:

North Side:

Thunder Bay North - This tour is concentrated around Thunder Bay's Waverly Park Heritage Conservation District and the commercial area that was formerly downtown Port Arthur

McVicar Creek/Harrington Court - This tour views the beautiful homes surrounding McVicar Creek and Harrington Court.

South Side:

Thunder Bay South - This tour explores the buildings near City Hall, in the area that was formerly downtown Fort William.

Vickers Park Area - This tour follows Ridgeway Avenue to Vickers Park and turns back to the C.P.R. Station while viewing many of the attractive homes in the area.

Looking more closely at the Thunder Bay South Tour, this walk explored the buildings near and including the newly renovated City Hall, in the area that was formerly downtown  Fort William. The tour also features the federal Revenue Building, the Bank of Commerce Facade and the Thunder Bay Museum, This tour can be completed in under an hour and provides people with a chance to enjoy a walk while at the same time learning a little history about former downtown Fort William.

Walking Tour brochures are available at the Thunder Bay City Hall and Thunder Bay Museum. To view walking tours visit