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Convention Organization

Chairperson - responsible for overseeing and coordinating the actions of the committee structure.

Vice-Chairperson - acts on behalf of the Chairperson in their absence and works together with him/her on all concerns.

Treasurer - is responsible for all revenues, keeps financial records and allocates funds after appropriate certification. The holder of this position should be bonded.

Secretary - keeps up-to-date records of the organization's meeting minutes and handles general correspondence.

Executive Secretary - required in larger and more complex organizations to work with the Chairperson, and to relieve officers and committees of matters that can be handled by one responsible person.

Active Committees - each committee needs to have a clear mandate regarding their duties.

Finance and Budget Committee
Possibly, the most important committee, it will set up the organization budget and will handle all finances.

Public Relations/Advertising Committee
This committee has a number of duties - promoting your convention to prospective delegates for optimum attendance, and publicizing it to gain maximum public exposure for your organization. It will also be responsible for an Information Desk throughout the convention.

Accommodations Committee
This committee will work hand-in-hand with hotel managers or assigned personnel to assure satisfactory lodging for all guests and delegates.

Registration Committee
This committee will arrange the setting up of space and resources needed to register delegates. It may also coordinate resources with the Advertising/Public Relations Committee.

Displays/Exhibits Committee
This committee will obtain space and provide information to those who may be setting up dispays. It will also expedite rental policies and arrangements, and will distribute materials about various exhibits to all delegates.

Entertainment Committee
This committee is in charge of all entertainment for various convention-related social events, such as banquets and luncheons.

Program Committee
The job of the Program Committee is the planning of interesting and informative programs, and the coordinating all convention functions. It will work closely with the Entertainment Committee to tye together the business and social functions of your convention to assure a smooth running chain of events.

Spousal Program/Children's Program
The Spousal Program should be stimulating but should not conflict with the delegates program. Balance the program with a variety of activities and try not to crowd in too many events. Allow some free time for shopping as part of the program.

Will children be attending the convention with their parents?

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