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Driving in Ontario

Any necessary permits are issued at the port of entry. If you've rented a vehicle or trailer, make sure you bring along a copy of the rental contract, which stipulates that you have permission to use it in Canada. US motorists planning to travel in Canada are advised to obtain a Canadian Non-Resident Interprovincial Motor Vehicle Insurance Card available only in the US. Contact your local insurance agency. For more information contact Canadian Border Services (204) 983-3500, or (506) 636-5064, or visit the website at


Ontario Law requires that adults and children over 40lbs/18kg in weight wear seat belts. Infants from birth to 20lbs/9kg in weight must travel in a rear-facing child restraint system. Toddlers weighting 20-40lbs/9-18kgs must travel in a front-facing restraint seat.`

Radar detectors and studded tires are illegal in Ontario.

Right turns are permitted on a red light after a complete stop, unless otherwise posted.

Speed limits and distances are shown in kilometres.
(1 mile = 1.625 km)

Liquid fuels are sold in litres.
(1 U.S. gal. = 3.8 l)