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One More Day in The Bay

one more day in the bay

Whether you're here for business or pleasure there is so much to experience in Thunder Bay that you'll need an extra day. Check out these 1 and 2 day itineraries to make the most of your Stay in the Bay.

Experience Natural Wonders
Experience views that are out of this world by exploring some of Thunder Bay's natural wonders. 
From the Farm to the Table
Discover the breadth of what is being produced in the area by visiting local farms and farmer's markets.
Sail the Big Lake and Conquer the Giant
Sail from Prince Arthur's Landing to the base of the Sleeping Giant, where you will embark on a journey hiking to the Top of the Giant.
Taste Thunder Bay
From Pancakes to Persians and much in between - explore culinary delights unique to Thunder Bay.
9000 Years of Human Habitation
Explore the history of the region's First Nations people by visiting Fort William First Nation and the Cummins Site where evidence of habitation over 9000 years old has been discovered.
Rediscover Our History
Thunder Bay has a storied past - discover the histories of Port Arthur, Fort William and Thunder Bay at many of the city's exciting historical exhibits.
Adventures in Art
Art and Culture are important to the residents of Thunder Bay. Enjoy the film, theatre, music, art and public art scenes.
Discover New Heights
Climb cliffs, stand on top of a mountain and pay your respects to a National Treasure.