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9000 Years of Human Habitation

aboriginal smudge

The residents and communities in Northwest Ontario have a strong connection to nature, the land and the region’s Aboriginal Heritage. While in Thunder Bay, visit Hillcrest Park, the current incarnation of the Cummins Site; the original shoreline of Lake Minong, an ancient proglacial lake and the predecessor to modern day Lake Superior, where tools and artifacts dating back thousands of years have been discovered. While at the park, enjoy one of the City’s greatest views of the Sleeping Giant peninsula. 

Afterward, travel back in time to 1816 with a visit to Fort William Historical Park, where you can meet and speak with fur traders, voyageurs and Aboriginal people to discover the history of development in the region and how it contributed to the original economic development of Canada. 

Just down the road from “the Fort”, visit Fort William First Nation. Formed as a part of the Robinson-Superior Treaty, FWFN is located on Lake Superior adjacent to Thunder Bay. FWFN has many restaurants, gas stations and other businesses to check out and also operates the scenic lookout at Mount McKay. Just a short drive up a steep but very well-maintained road will bring you to the lookout. With breathtaking views of Thunder Bay, Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant it is well worth a visit.

Head east of Thunder Bay to Nipigon, where you can drop your canoe in the water and paddle the same waters as the original travellers to view the pictographs from the area’s Aboriginal people created hundreds of years ago.